Belize in the 2012 London Olympics So Far…VERY Impressive But Is It Over?

Belize first participated in the Olympic games in 1968 (as British Honduras) and has sent a team to the games ever since.  (Except for 1980 Moscow Summer Olympics when they boycotted along with the USA and other countries).  Belize has never won a medal…yet.

For the 2012 Olympics in London, Belize is represented by a team of three athletes.  Eddermys Sanchez (born in Cuba and now living in Belize City) who competed in Judo, Kaina Martinez (born in Stann Creek, Belize) competing in the 100m sprint and 24 year old Kenneth Medwood (born in LA, California, family from Maskall, Belize) in the 400m hurdles.

We all saw them during the opening ceremony.  Popular blogs like Divine Caroline and Nick Verreos’s Fashion awarded Belize’s ultra-preppy outfits some top honors.  Personally?   I loved them.  Especially the white shoes.  “Grab my croquet mallets Jeeves.  Off to the country club!”

Our judo competitor was unfortunately eliminated on June 29th during his first round.  Amazing just to compete on the biggest stage in the world.For some reason Belize is listed as BIZ.

Ms. Martinez tied for 3rd out of 33 in her preliminary round yesterday.  Ummmm…AWESOME.  She unfortunately did not qualify to advance during her next race.
Kenneth Medwood was our flag bearer during the opening ceremony and he is also the last Belizean still competing this year.  Medwood qualified in his first round and will be running in the semi-finals today!  7pm London time, Noon, Belize Time, August 4th. Hopefully on his way to the finals.
Amazing job guys.  Amazing.  Kenneth, Kaina and Ed…come visit San Pedro for September celebrations.  I know the entire country is super proud and would love to celebrate your accomplishments!
For all the details check out  Click on BELIZE for the down low on all of our athletes.
All pictures taken from the Belize Olympic and Commonwealth Games Association Facebook page. They have been doing an incredible job updating with tons of timely information and pictures.  Become a fan.

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