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Some Changes in San Pedro Town…

Though I am in San Pedro town at least a three or four times a week, there is always some change…something new to me.  Here is what I saw this week.The RC School in town is using the summer holiday to construct a new building on its grounds.  Seems like a great idea…when I visit during the school year, the classrooms are PACKED.

The previous Crave Restaurant (right in the center of Front Street) is getting a new paint job.  Is a new business moving in?



The space is huge…must be a restaurant, right?

After fits and starts and controversy around how she actually paid for all of this, the previous mayor’s condo complex is so close to being finished.  On Middle Street, next to Elvi’s Kitchen, it is much bigger than I first assumed.  A serious compound.  It goes all the way thru to the Back Street and included a sort of promenade for business on the ground floor.

This sign (also on Middle Street by the very popular fast food place, Cindy’s Chinese) has been there for a few months.  I just like it.

A hospital for footwear.  Perhaps these hammocks are for the recuperating shoes.

Lastly, a shoe store that I have passed 1000 times.  But for the past few weeks, when I ask someone where they got their cute sandals, they mentioned this store.  Let’s check it out.

Located on back street just south of the Old Football field…here is their building.

Here is their window.

They have a serious collection of bedazzled heels.

And sandals, flip flops and shoes for work and for school…

Now I know where everyone is getting this stuff…I always assumed the shoes came from Belize City.

That’s it for now.  But REMEMBER…keep on eye on Tropical Storm Ernesto.  Right now he is projected to veer up towards the Cancun area (classic…guess where I am going at the end of next week?)…but Belize is still in the cone of possibility.  So watch out…

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